To purchase a print please send an e-mail, together with the URL of the image you are interested in.

Images are generally available in a longer rectangular format (3 wide by 2 high) and a more square format (5 wide by 4 high).

Long Rectangle (2 x 3 proportions, generally recommended)

8 x 12 $55
16 x 24 $195
20 x 30 $275

Short Rectangle (4 x 5 Proportions, often but not always possible)

8 x 10 $50
11 x 14 $85 (not exactly 4x5 but close to it)
16 x 20 $175
24 x 30 $300

We try to meet all requests, and are open to providing other options if you are interested. In some cases it may not be possible to crop an image to one of these proportions, and in some cases an image may not be available in a large size. In that event we'll let you know and suggest an alternative.