Harvey W. Scott, 1839-1910    |    Posted: May 15, 2006

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The inscription on this statue of a man with his pot belly flatteringly minimized, informs us that he was a pioneer publisher. He points to the west, no doubt making a stirring statement about manifest destiny or the importance of downtown Portland in comparison to its arch rival Oregon City. His image is, for all eternity, a fine resting place for pigeons.

Further research suggests that the pigeon droppings are well deserved.

"Scott used the Oregonian (newspaper), with its large audience, to oppose many of the social reforms of his time including free high schools, state supported schools of higher education, prohibition, woman’s suffrage, organized labor, and Oregon’s system of direct primary, initiative, referendum, and recall. "

He's probably pointing to the ocean and telling people who want public high schools and colleges and women's rights and labor rights to get out of town, keep heading west, and jump right in the ocean.

So in answer to the perennial question, who da ya have to kill to get your statue in the park.... now we sort of know. The nicest thing we can say is that he appears to have been a man of his time.

On the other hand he got prohibition right. We forget that women's rights and alcohol prohibition were part of a related agenda back in the day.

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