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I created Portland Ground to share the beautiful photons of the Portland area with people here in the Northwest and around the planet.

Portland Ground is a geo-photo-documentary. Each of the 1478 images here is connected to one of the 75 odd neighborhoods or places I've visited. It's my effort to do street photography in a way that pleases me, and captures the rough edges and the beautiful sides of Portland Oregon.

My goal is to provide you with freshly ground Portland Ground every day. I'd like to hear your comments, so send an e-mail.   
Photo of Miles Hochstein

I encourage you to use my images on your personal non-commercial blog or web site, so long as you provide a link to "www.portlandground.com" and a text credit. If you like what you see here, hyperlinking is how you say "thanks." I thank you in turn.

Commercial licensing (whether it's real estate, tourism, an on-line store, or any other business) I'm happy to offer reasonable licensing fees for web use, for print use and for other purposes. Please describe your industry or business and intended use and contact me here.

Licensing for non-profit organizations is also required, but rates will take into account the work your organization does.

Read the Creative Commons License for licensing details if you want 'em, read this page for more detail, and contact me with questions. I almost never bite, and am always happy to be flexible and to try to meet specific needs.

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Thanks for visiting Portland Ground!

Miles Hochstein

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