Using Portland Ground Images

For information about commercial licensing of Portland Ground images or to purchase a print see points 7 and 8 below, and please contact me directly at   .

For free web use of all images on this website under the Creative Commons License. read on!

Working Within the Creative Commons: The Very Short Version    

ONLY use images from Portland Ground IF you credit Portland Ground AND provide a clickable hyperlink to photo page is best). I want you to use my images, and I ask in return that you play fair, give credit where credit is due, and enable people to find the original source of the image that you valued enough to put on your web site.

The Bottom Line: Please use my images. Please make sure that you provide a link back to the original page of the image when you do so. Please read and follow the Creative Commons License

How to Use, Link and Credit My Image on Your Low to Medium Traffic Web Site or Blog

1) Insert the image. Hotlinking is fine unless you have a very high traffic site.
2) Create a clickable hyperlink to Portland Ground (original page of photo is best), so people can find the picture.
3) Credit the image: "Portland Ground: Pictures of Portland Oregon" or "Portland Ground: Pictures of Portland Oregon - Used by Creative Commons License" or similar.

That's it! You're golden, and I thank you for the link to

Please note that there are some conditions that apply under the Creative Commons License I offer (noncommercial, by attribution, no derivative use).

A few questions and answers.

1) How should I attribute/credit a Portland Ground image?

My preference is that immediately below each image (or once beneath a group of thumbnail images) you place a hyperlinked text credit that says "Portland Ground: Pictures of Portland Oregon" or something similar.

2) How should I link back to you?

Two ways. Primarily, there should be a link back to Portland Ground from the text credit. But I encourage you to also link back from each photo. In either case the hyperlink should go to the original page in which the image appears. In other words, a link to this location is good:

See how it ends in .PHP? That means you're linking to the original page. Thanks! That kind of link enables a person to find my original page with information about the place, the picture and the license for its use.

On the other hand, a link to this location is not so good:

See how it ends in .JPG? That's the image itself, lonely and without context. That's not so good because the viewer won't easily find the original page with more information about the photo or my creative commons license. That doesn't feel fair to me. Thank you for your help on this.

3) What if I save a copy of your Portland Ground image on my server, and let people click to see my JPEG copy of your image file alone?

This would definitely not feel fair to me (and is not consistent with the Creative Commons License!) because that image on your server appears with no attribution ("Portland Ground: Pictures of Portland Oregon") and is easily hotlinked from you. I lose all connection to my image, and someone who finds the image out on the web has no way to find more of my images.

4) I have other questions or a special situation.

I'm very happy to discuss by email or by phone. My goal is to come to a solution that enables you to use my images in a way that works for you, and for me. For commercial licensing (non-creative commons) of large pixel versions of these images, print use or other use see below.

5) May I use a Portland Ground image as part of the top banner on my blog, even if I put a bunch of writing on top of it?

That constitutes a derivative use (you are transforming/altering my image). I'm very likely to say "yes" if you ask, but I do request that you ask first. In that instance I wouldn't ask for a hyperlink from the image, but I would request a text credit and hyperlink near the top, close to the image. There are a number of other derivative uses that I'm open to, if you e-mail me first. For derivative use the credit might change to some other form we agreed on.

6) What about uploading Portland Ground pictures to Flickr, or MySpace or... ?

There should be a way to do it consistent with the Creative Commons license (with a link back to the original photo location, with attribution to Portland Ground, and with a mention of the correct Creative Commons License (non-commercial, with attribution, no derivatives). In practice I see images on Flickr, MySpace and elsewhere that have been renamed and appear without any link back to Portland Ground, and that doesn't work for me. So, if you know how to upload an image in a way that meets the creative commons license requirements, go ahead. If you don't.... the karma problem comes back to haunt you.

7) I'm interested in commercial licensing for the web, for print, or for other uses for a business or agency.

I'm happy to discuss commercial uses and regularly license my images for various uses. Please contact me to discuss.

8) Non-profit Organizations - I'm interested in commercial licensing for the web, for print or for other uses for my non-profit organization.

As a supporter of progressive politics, environmental concerns and community building activities I'm happy to donate a portion of my usual rates (in the form of reduced rate licensing terms) to many non-profit organizations, although the basic considerations... print run, duration, exclusive/nonexclusive, etc. apply in the same way as for commercial uses. To facilitate our conversation, please provide a description of your non-profit organization and publicly available information about its mission, state of incorporation, etc. A web site address is probably sufficient.

Miles Hochstein

The Fine Print

All images on this website are subject to U.S. and international copyright laws (© 2004-2009 Miles Hochstein). All rights reserved. Images and content on this site are licensed under a Creative Commons License (click to view) which allows you to use images for noncommercial purposes, provided you attribute the image to "Portland Ground: Pictures of Portland Oregon" (with a hyperlink), and not use the images for commercial purposes or to create derivative works. As a courtesy (I'll appreciate it and think you are really respecful person!) please let me know about your use of an image under the terms of this license (eg. when you use it on your blog). Full resolution (typically 3076 x 2052 pixel) versions of many of the images presented on Portland Ground are available by license from Miles Hochstein. For commercial use and licensing please contact me here: